The 3 Most Chic Interior Decor Trends of 2016

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As interior designers have moved from orchestrated decor to a more subtle and minimalist look, 2016 has revamped some fun and playful decor. In a mix-and-match form, many people are gearing to add splashes of color to their homes. Here are the 3 most sought after trends.

black windows-by-paul-barbera-to-print39

1. Black window frames

This design is one of the most appealing ways to have your room get that clarity and clearness you have always wanted. The rest of your room remains white and your window frames get that black color letting more light through the glasses into the room. This interior design trend gets automatic attention from anyone inside your apartment. How else can you paint your window frames other than coating them with black?


2. Two-color kitchen cabinets

This type of design gives your kitchen that unique look that no one expected. You can have your upper kitchen cabinets colored differently from the lower ones. Maybe you can choose between white and woody-like colors. This trend has made many kitchens look more natural and timeless with the amazing color tones.


3. Graphic tiles

This trend is here to stay. Having an unique backsplash in the kitchen creates great uniformity within the kitchen. This gives a nice touch and helps bring the kitchen together.  A vibrant backsplash will take you back to the early mid-centuries when tiles were used to create some uniqueness and conformity within different rooms. It also creates some form of art around the room and gives the walls a great and attractive look.