How to Stage your Household Sale

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How to Stage your Household Sale

When it comes to selling your household estate there are some rules that you just have to now. Like in any other kind of business, the main thing is to have an alternative. You have to be prepared for all kind of people that will come to you. Believe me, I ’ve been selling estates in Danville area for quite long time and I have seen all. Usually, many of your potential buyers are couples with or without children. Some of them know what they want and some of them don’t. It is up to you how you will present to them that your household is right for them.

feature-img-1It is also up to you how you will “stage” your estate and give them what they want or even bring closer your household to their idea of what they are after. In these days, business require from you to act fast and get money as soon as it is possible. But before you go in the process of sell, you will have to be sure that you did all the necessary things in order to present your estate in good manner. It is not just how you will “stage” your house, it is all about the way you “stage” it.

Staging is more than just a way of rearranging your household. So you should be familiar with rule of 4 steps, as I like to say.
Every estate has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to know them and find a way how to present backgroundadvantages of your estate and how to “hide” disadvantages. The main thing is to make a list of all rooms in your house and what is the most important thing about each room. Then you have to clear them and give them a fresh look. This means that you have to put away all unnecessary furniture somewhere  else, in order to give enough space to each room.

Then you should go for your outside look. In order to have a good understanding of your household, you have to have an idea about how your household could look. The best way for that is to spend some time looking at house from different angles. Like for example, when you are looking at your state from the street view. Spend some time in your yard and think about your house. This way you will see what you should fix or get rid of. This will give your the buyer perspective and better chance for the first impression.

Make sure that your house has enough free space. As I’ve mentioned, each room has to breathe. This means that you should put your books in boxes, take of pictures from your walls and move away big furniture. Make sure that kitchen and bathroom always stay clean and well arranged. Make it look neat. Paint all things that should be painted. Like a mail box for an example.

Always be ready for some investing. That means that you have to make improvements. By doing this you should think wisely and invest in those areas where you can make real difference in order to attract higher